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Where is the wear-resisting concrete pump pipe

With the increasing variety of pump pipe in the market, it is more difficult to select pump pipe. Peristaltic pumps are becoming more and more popular because of their pollution-free pumping characteristics and less maintenance requirements. Pump pipe is one of the important parts of peristaltic pump, but end users often choose the wrong pipe material, so that it is not suitable for the required application. Some users even use ordinary pipes instead of peristaltic pump pipes, resulting in disastrous results. However, when designing or purchasing peristaltic pump system, many engineers often ignore an important component -- peristaltic pump pump pipe.


Accordingly, should refer to pump pipe only, and be not the chemical compatibility level of general pipe and relevant material, can make pump pipe failure or damage crack leakage otherwise, cause the damage of the pump or dangerous accident as a result. Many pump pipe suppliers carry double pump pipe elbows for chemical compatibility tables. Engineers should note, however, that chemical compatibility tables for pump lines should be used instead of those for common pipes. Because ordinary pipeline and chemical substances only have general contact, and peristaltic pump pump pipe is in contact with chemical fluid under pressure conditions, so the chemical compatibility level of ordinary pipeline and peristaltic pump pipe chemical compatibility level can not be equivalent.

The performance and life of the concrete pump pipe without quenching is different from that of the concrete pump pipe with quenching. The concrete pump pipe with quenching can transport nearly 10,000 cubic meters of concrete. Pump pipe special heat treatment equipment, concrete pump pipe inner surface quenching heat treatment process of concrete pump pipe is made of special material steel tube, through inner surface hardening, infiltration of carbon processing, the method of double pump pipe elbow bushing hardness of 58 and 60 degrees, the durability of common duct 4-5 times, users save time and cost, removes often in for trouble, improve the production efficiency.