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Bend Pipe DN150-6"

Products Features:

The most widely used concrete pumping line bend pipe.

Good wear resistance and ductility.

Ideal for high pressure pumping environments.

Key Specifications:

Measurement: DN150-6"

Material: ST52

Work Pressure: 160-250 Bar

Flange Ends: SK/HD/FM/ZX or Customize

Product Details

Bend Pipe DN150-6"

Part NO. OD In./DIN Center Line Radius In./mm Degree of AngleTheoretical weight(lbs./kg.)
BP15014456.0/ DN15014/3564525.5/11.6
BP15014906.0/ DN15014/3569036.3/16.5
BP15018456.0/ DN15018/4574527/12.3
BP15018906.0/ DN15018/4579045/20.5
BP15032456.0/ DN15024/6104531.7/16.4
BP15032906.0/ DN15024/6109050.6/23
BP15032456.0/ DN15036/9144547/21.7
BP15032906.0/ DN15036/9149093.5/42.5
BP15048456.0/ DN15048/12194560/27.2
BP15048906.0/ DN15048/121990107/48.5
Any type of elbow can be customized.

Any types of weld ends are available:

Metric (SK) Weld Ends

Heavy Duty Weld Ends

Schwing F/M Weld Ends

Putzmeister Z/X Weld Ends

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