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Twin Wall Elbow ID112 R275 90°

Material: high chromium alloy wear layer + ST52 protective layer

Ensure wear resistance and safety of the elbow

Production process: precision casting liner

Ensure your elbows are beautiful.

Accuracy: ±1 mm

Ensure the pipeline is installed smoothly.

Safety: 100% stress test

Ensure safe and efficient pumping

Product Details

Twin Wall Elbow ID112 R275 90°

Part Number Specification Weight lbs/kgs Liner Hardness Dimension Tolerance Pressure Weld tensile strength Surface coating
TWBE11290ID112 R275 90°31.5/14.3Up to 62-65HRC<1mm <1°160bar>580barBaking paint
All boom elbows and deck elbow for PM, SCHWING, CIAF, JUNJIN, KCP etc are available.

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