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Twin Wall Boom Pipe DN117 4.0mm

Flange Ends: High-chromium alloy liner +ST52 Protective layer

Ensure the lifetime of the flange is synchronized with the pipe.

Hardened Process: Ultra-high frequency heat treatment

Ensure the hardness of the hardened layer.

Precision: ±1mm

Ensures smooth installation of the pipe.

Safety: 100% pressure test

Ensure safe and efficient pumping

Product Details

Twin Wall Boom Pipe DN117 4.0mm

Part Number Length (in/mm) Theoretical weight (lbs./kg.) Hardened Process Hardness HRC Length Deviation Working Pressure Weld Tensile Strength Surface Coating
TW117-400L1M39.37/100049/15UHF Quenching (400KHz)UP to  68±1mm130bar>480barBaking paint
TW117-400L2M78.75/200095/26UHF Quenching (400KHz)UP to  68±1mm130bar>480barBaking paint
TW117-400L3M118.12/3000144/39UHF Quenching (400KHz)UP to  68±1mm130bar>480barBaking paint
TW117-400L4M157.48/4000192/48UHF Quenching (400KHz)UP to  68±1mm130bar>480barBaking paint
TW117-400L6M236.22/6000288/72UHF Quenching (400KHz)UP to  68±1mm130bar-Primer
Any length can be customized, please consult us.