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Zoom Hopper End Elbow

Material: 40CrMo

Ensure to meet different pumping environment requirements

Production process: precision casting

Ensure maximum service life in different pumping environments

Precision: ±1mm

Ensures smooth installation of the pipe.

Safety: 100% pressure test

Ensure safe and efficient pumping

Product Details

SANY hinged elbow & outlet elbow

Part NO. Description Dimension Material Theoretical weight(lbs./kg.) Pressure
XM00568EB346ZOOM hinged elbowDN180 R460/398 90°40CrMo75.2350bar
XM00568EB347ZOOM hinged elbowDN180 R414/284 90°40CrMo61.8350bar
XM00568EB348ZOOM hinged elbowDN180 R464/284 90°40CrMo63.9350bar
XM00568EB349ZOOM hinged elbowDN180 R364/284 90°40CrMo59.8350bar
XM00568EB350ZOOM hinged elbowDN180 R314/284 90°40CrMo57.8350bar
XM00568EB351ZOOM chassis elbowA100040CrMo37.6350bar
XM00568EB352ZOOM chassis elbow571B40CrMo38.1350bar
XM00568EB353ZOOM chassis elbowA100040CrMo36.8350bar
XM00568EB354ZOOM chassis elbow1400040CrMo41.7350bar
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